B.A. Roland


Hey! Nice to meet you! I'm B.A. Roland and I'm located in the Lexington, Kentucky area.

So, who am I? Why should you care?

The short version: I'm a left handed creative who was also a science major. Consequently, I'm always arguing with myself.

Not enough info? Okay, let's try a longer version....

I've spent most of my life in the racehorse industry. For more years than I care to count, I rode on the track and started colts. Eventually, I had to hang all of that up but I'm also a veterinary technician (my degree is in Animal Health Science) so I was able to carry on with the animals I love.

Oh, yeah, I'm also a published illustrator/cartoonist/artist.

Speaking of art, somewhere along the line, the muse disappeared. The inspiration was gone and it was a bit like losing a piece of myself... Then, during a particularly low point in my life, the muse suddenly reappeared. This time, though, she was holding a camera!

What then? (With the camera, not the muse.) While I had often used photographs to sketch or paint from, I never really saw photography as the true art form that it is. Once I did, WHOA! It was like discovering a whole new world that has its very own language! Amazing! I purchased a Nikon DSLR (love at first grip!) and gleaned as much info as I could from books and videos. Eventually, I enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography. That was probably one of the best moves I could have made! Then? I was off and running! 

Now? For me, photography isn't only a passion, in and of itself, but also a medium that I can combine with all my other experiences, talents and knowledge into a very personal art form - one I'm able to share with you! In short, I'm uniquely prepared to capture the best of your horses, pets and livestock. (Oh, yeah, and you, too!) What can I say? It's obviously one of my mutant super powers... ;)

Interested in viewing my portfolio? Would you like to purchase one (or more) of the prints that are available? Please feel free to visit my ShootProof page.

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